MRE department Mine Risk Education (MRE) refers to all educational activities seeking to reduce mines/ERW (including unexploded sub-munitions) injuries by raising awareness and promoting behavior changes among at-risk groups. MRE Aims
  • Reduce the casualties’ number by launching awareness campaigns throughout the country.
  • Disseminate the knowledge among the citizens of the risks posed by mines/ERW and provide them with the sufficient information to recognize and report all suspicious items to LMAC.
  • Promote behavioral change in all community sections (Students, farmers, shepherds, mothers, etc.)

MRE Campaigns

MRE campaigns use targeted materials and approaches to reach the largest number of schools, farmers, and the general population.

LMAC commemorates every year the International day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on the 4th of April by launching national MRE campaigns. Events on April 4 help renew public and media interest in the Humanitarian Mine Action.  

MRE sessions/campaigns