NMAS 02.10

Guide for the Operation, Management, and Coordination of Mine Action Projects in Lebanon

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


In Lebanon, Mine Action is regulated by the Mine Action Policy endorsed by a Ministerial Decree in 2007. This Policy regulates structures, roles, and responsibilities for clearance, survey, mine risk education, and mine victim assistance. It also outlines coordination and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of mine action. To promote a participatory approach in mine action, the Mine Action Policy sets the structure for formulating a National Mine Risk Education (MRE) Steering Committee and a National Mine Victims Assistance (MVA) Steering Committee. It also outlines membership to the International Support Group (ISG) to support funding mobilization. The Mine Action Policy reaffirms the adoption of National Mine Action Standards (NMAS) that shall be monitored and revised by the Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) and that shall comply with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). Adhering to the Mine Action Policy, this standard outlines the hierarchy of managing mine action in Lebanon as well as core factors to be taken into account when operating, managing, and coordinating mine action projects in Lebanon.