NMAS 03.30

Guide to the Research of Mine Action Technology

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


Mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods of innocent civilians in Lebanon, inflicting horrific and indiscriminate injury on victims, and in many cases resulting in death. To act against this indiscriminate threat, the Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) has been assigned the responsibility to execute and coordinate the Lebanon Mine Action Program (LMAP) on behalf of the Lebanon Mine Action Authority (LMAA). Noting the limited resources available for Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), in parallel to implementing, assigning, monitoring, and controlling HMA interventions, the LMAC shall make all reasonable effort to encourage Research and Development (R&D) designed to increase operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness. R&D into new or more advanced technologies for use in HMA programs is of fundamental importance for both Lebanon and other mine-affected communities around the world.