NMAS 07.10

Guide for the Management of Demining Operations

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


This NMAS focuses on the management requirements for demining operations. The term ‘demining’ is used to refer to both Technical Survey and area search and Clearance operations (including BAC and EOD spot tasks). At all times, the expression ‘demining’ is used in this NMAS to refer to operations conducted as part of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA). HMA in Lebanon is implemented under the supervision and guidance of the Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) which tasks teams provided by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Engineering Regiment (ER) or by other accredited Implementing Agencies (IAs) who are assigned tasks. IAs may be either national or international organizations. This NMAS provides a set of standards and guidelines that should feature in all demining management systems designed to ensure the safe, effective, and efficient conduct of land release operations, including NTS, TS, EOD and Clearance operations. It focuses on supporting the LMAC, the Lebanese Army Engineering Regiment, and IAs to develop and apply appropriate Quality Management principles that support their management and supervision of current tasks, their review of current practices, and a process of continual improvement in their activities, while emphasizing a direct link between all field operations and impacted communities. This NMAS should be read in conjunction with NMAS 02.10, which provides a guide for the general operation, management, and coordination of mine action projects in Lebanon.