NMAS 07.12

Quality Management in Mine Action

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


The guidance provided in this standard should be applied by managers in all Mine Action agencies working in Lebanon. As suggested in the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS 07.12), this standard is not intended to introduce anything new to the management of mine action Implementing Agencies (IAs) in Lebanon. It is intended to clarify much of what already takes place and to encourage consistency with Quality Management (QM) as it is understood in the management of other activities. Adherence to this standard should increase confidence in the professional and efficient management of every aspect of mine action in Lebanon. All QM relies upon the availability of information to inform the planning of activities, direct their implementation, check performance during the work, and to take action to improve their safety and quality. Recent changes to the NMAS reflect an increased emphasis on the use of information as evidence to support decision-making, and on improving the efficiency of interdependent mine action activities in pursuit of the Lebanon Mine Action Program (LMAP) and the Lebanon National Mine Action Strategy (LNMAS). Quality Management includes Results Based Management (RBM), by which achievement is measured in terms of the advantages gained by the people of Lebanon. The required results are set by the LMAA and applied by the LMAC with deference to donor preferences over prioritization whenever they are compatible with the LMAP and LNMAS.