NMAS 07.14

Risk Management in Mine Action

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


The guidance provided in this standard should be applied by managers in all Mine Action agencies (Implementing Agencies, IAs) working in Lebanon. Risk management is not only about ensuring the safety of the people who will use land that is released and the deminers who will conduct the procedures necessary to prepare land for release. Every decision that mine action staff take involves managing risk, although many of those will be financial and reputational risks rather than the kind that is directly related to physical safety. All mine action staff from managers to deminers/searchers should be aware of the importance of risk management. The principles and processes described in this document are applicable to any situation in which mine action IA managers must take decisions about achieving objectives, satisfying requirements, releasing land, and retaining stakeholder confidence. The LMAC recognizes that some mine action IAs in Lebanon may already use a risk management system. This NMAS does not seek to dictate the detail of how risk is identified, assessed and managed, only that the system be comprehensive, effective and well documented.