NMAS 08.10

Non-Technical Survey (NTS)

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Demining is costly and demanding. It requires diligence, expertise, and a variety of assets depending on the type and extent of the contamination, and the nature of the terrain. To increase efficiency, demining operations in Lebanon are preceded by a Non-Technical Survey (NTS). The NTS provides information that allows LMAC to manage resources and their associated costs efficiently. NTS is conducted in Lebanon by desk assessment that involves the collection and analysis of historical records and by the collection of primary data by interviewing members of the local community and the LAs around the area that is subject to NTS. NTS is used to assess suspected land and categorize it as either a suspected hazard area (SHA) or a confirmed hazard area (CHA). It is also used to cancel areas that have been recorded as hazardous in error. Except in exceptional (emergency) circumstances, technical assets are not deployed before NTS is conducted. NTS provides insight into the nature and extent of each hazardous area, and records the information necessary to justify decisions over which subsequent action is appropriate as part of a well-managed Land Release process. The NTS process is subject to continual revision and review in which the success of the NTS is assessed in terms of the accuracy of its findings. Inefficient and inaccurate NTS may result in accidents or may lead to TS or clearance assets being deployed in areas without hazards. To minimize mistakes, the NTS decision criteria are subject to constant revision and improvement based on the accuracy of previous results.