NMAS 10.10

General Guidelines for the Development of Safety and Occupational Health Systems

Edition 2.1 - March 2020     DOWNLOAD


The Lebanese Labor Law sets general guidelines for the protection of employees in articles 61 through 65. Realizing that the professional implementation of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) programs requires the application of adequate mechanisms to reduce risk and construct a safe working environment for all involved, the NMAS 10 series bases its standards on the provisions of the Lebanese Labor Law as well as on common international standards adopted in Mine Action. In all human endeavors, the term ‘safe’ does not necessarily imply the complete removal of risk. Rather, it assumes that the risk has been reduced to an acceptable or ‘tolerable’ level. In HMA, effective risk management requires a combination of safe working practices and operating procedures, effective supervision and control, appropriate education and training, the use of appropriate equipment, and the provision of effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The provision of a safe working environment includes the design and layout of a demining worksite by fencing and marking hazardous areas, controlling movements, enforcing working and safety distances and providing effective medical cover, PPE, and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) procedures. All of these requirements shall be detailed in the SOPs which the IA shall submit to the LMAC for approval before using them in Lebanon. See also NMAS 07.14 Risk Management. The enormous commitment that Implementing Agencies (IAs) and their employees make in contributing towards Land Release in Lebanon is appreciated. Their commitment makes it of fundamental importance that the LMAC play its part by ensuring that all actors involved are guided by appropriate Safety and Occupational Health (S&OH) standards that ensure that risk is always minimized and always no higher than what is ‘tolerable’. NMAS 10.10 introduces the NMAS 10 series by focusing on providing definitions of key terms and the S&OH Roles and Responsibilities of all those working in HMA in Lebanon.