NMAS 10.40

Medical Support to Demining Operations

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Demining necessarily involves risk but, by ensuring that demining staff are adequately trained, supported and supervised, and that safe work practices are applied, the level of risk can be minimized. However, the uncontrollable variables in the varied worksite contexts and in the type and condition of the varied EO hazards means that there is always a risk of an accident during demining. The LMAC and IAs shall ensure that all demining staff have an adequate level of training and protection to ensure that risks are managed and avoided or mitigated whenever possible. They shall also ensure that all field staff are appropriately trained and equipped to respond to demining accidents/incidents, and that high quality medical support is readily available at every demining worksite in Lebanon. Each IA shall have a well-developed organizational accident and incident response capacity that involves careful planning, the provision of well-trained staff, and the availability of medical supplies, services and support to provide effective emergency treatment. Medical support is not only about support for the demining tasks themselves, but also includes all of the preparatory and preliminary requirements to ensure that demining staff are fit to work and have confidence that their organizations will look after them in an emergency. As the authority responsible for safety and efficiency in HMA in Lebanon, the LMAC is responsible for establishing the minimum requirements for medical support to demining operations and ensuring compliance with these requirements.