NMAS 10.70

Protection of the Environment

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In many instances, demining operations may have an impact on the environment in which they are conducted. Temporary or more permanent impacts on soil, water, natural habitats, historical sites, or cultural areas may occur. Environmental impacts may occur during preparation for demining activities, during demining or during the disposal of EO. Common examples are the removal of vegetation by hand or burning so that search can be conducted or the use of mechanical demining procedures that process the ground surface, destroying root systems and encouraging soil erosion. To minimize environmental impact, the LMAC and Implementing Agencies (IAs) shall ensure that they operate in conformity with this NMAS at all times. The LMAC recognizes its responsibility to ensure that demining operations are conducted responsibly and efficiently, whilst taking measures to minimize deleterious effects on the environment. While recognizing that the safety of demining staff and the civil populace is an overriding priority, demining activities (including all EOD activities) shall be conducted in ways that do not cause unnecessary environmental pollution or degradation. This NMAS lays out key environmental standards designed to ensure that all reasonable effort is made to ensure that demining operations are conducted with minimal environmental impact. An additional purpose of this NMAS is to increase awareness of the potentially damaging impact that irresponsible demining activity may have on the environment.